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By Kelly Lewis


Friends since childhood, Titi Boi and Dolla Boy, also known as Playaz Circle, know what it’s like to have to work towards a dream.


Since their formation in 1997 and independent release of their first album, United We Stand, United We Fall, the two have had a steady of following of fans, but not of good luck. After Tity Boi was shot and Dolla Boy incarcerated, the two have gotten themselves back on track by recording their new album, a journey they spoke about with



Your debut album is about to drop (Oct. 30), what can we expect to hear on it?

Titi boi: Excitement, man. We really created a street album. We’ve got Lil’ Wayne and Luda on the album. Expect a surprise. I don’t really think that people really think we are as positive as we are, but man, we’ve been doing this for a while and we’re really comfortable with our work.


I’m glad to hear that you’re so positive, because you have had your share of bad luck since United We Stand, United We Fall. How did you get yourselves back on track?

Dolla Boy: We just stayed focused. With everything in life, you’re going to have your ups and downs, your trials and tribulations - but you just stay positive.  You gotta believe in what you do and that will work in any aspect of life.


Titi Boi, have you fully recovered?

Yeah, I’m fine. I want people to be looking out for this album, though. We never went down, we stayed consistent. My people were on the radio, promoting tours, staying in the studio.


Do you have any favorites on the album, any songs that you’re really into?

Dolla: I love all of them. But “we workin,” the next single, I really like.  It’s full of singles; I’m really surprised that we have an album full of singles.

Titi: Yeah, we’ll have the ringtone of the year, for real.


Are you also dropping a compilation tape, Strength in Numbers?

Oh yeah, that’s DTP doing what they normally do, giving the people a little more insight to what we got going on. So, shout out to DTP and to Luda.


When you made your first album, you were doing the producing and were calling the shots. On this album, you had a lot of producers coming in to help out. Do you prefer to do it all yourself or was it nice to have someone else do it?

Dolla: I mean, I prefer us doing our thing, the way we’re accustomed to doing it. When certain producers come in, they have an ear for radio and they try to gear the music towards the radio. That’s not necessarily what we are about, you know? We do music from our hearts, so I guess I could say we like to do it ourselves.

Titi: When we came into the game we found out that you can get the same kind of energy and hits if you’re dealing with people as hungry as you are. But they’ll give you whatever they want to give you. We’ve been in the game so long that we found out how to get a superb album, so that’s the kind of album we have. This album is young and hungry.


Are you still based in Georgia?

Yes, we do it in ATL.


How’s the scene over there?

Dolla: Crowded. There’s a lot of artists coming out, a lot of artists doing their thing. We definitely want to hold up our end of the bargain. Shout out to ATL.


You all have been friends for a long time now. Is it ever hard to be friends and business partners?

Titi: When you’re in the limelight it’s hard sometimes but me and Dolla have a partnered type of mentality. Before we do our albums we put the money down and do it from our hearts.

Dolla: yeah, man. I mean, we have some of the worst arguments during the creative process because we are so close. But we just brush it right off our shoulders and get over it in like, 5 minutes.


So, are you planning on going on tour?

Dolla: We are doing a lot of promo stuff right now, but of course, we’re planning on it. Check out our myspace at We are looking at our schedule right now but we are definitely planning on rolling out.


Cool. What is one thing that you would like people to know that they might not know about you already?

Titi: We the man (laughs).

Dolla: We are really true musicians. We aren’t just street cats. From the beginning, it was like, we are really true musicians. We like all kinds of music, from classical music to rock music and R and B. When we’re on the road we listen to all kinds of music and make people turn and say, ‘man, what the hell yall listenin’ to?’ (laughs).



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