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Interview by Shelia M. Goss


Dolla Boy and Tity Boi make up the Atlanta based duo Playaz Circle.  At a quick glance, you may mistaken Dolla and TIt as just some run-of-the-mill “playaz.”  But these “playaz” actually stand for something - Preparing Legal Assets for Years from A to Z.  Originally formed in 1997, Dolla points out, “We’ve been rapping for a very long time.”

Even if they weren’t rapping, Dolla makes it clear that they would still be making their ends. “I come from the streets. Hustling is not a hobby, it’s an everyday lifestyle.”

Before joining Disturbing Tha Peace/Universal Records, the duo kept the underground world buzzing. Dolla Boy confirms, “We put out ‘Playaz Circle United We Stand United We Fall.’ We were getting some buzz in the streets, but situations occurred where the group had to disperse. When the time was right, we came back together and we signed with Luda.”

Once Luda blew up, he came back to the hood and got us,” Dolla Boy states as we discussed the single “You Can Believe It” that features Ludacris.  The track features the duo with Ludacris, Chingy, and Lil’ Flip on a Disturbing Tha Peace mixed tape compilation. 

If the pattern holds true, most could assume that PC will bring that same southern crunk sound that has taken over
New York airwaves.  Instead, the duo maintains that their debut album, Supply and Demand, breaks the mold.  Dolla Boy states, “We got the same formula as far as the beats, but our lyrics aren’t as simple as some of the past lyrics. I think we’re different in that aspect. We don’t fall in the crunk category; more of the lyricist category because of the flavor we bring to the beats.” He continued to say, “We love crunk. We grew up on it. We just bring it a little bit differently.”

With all of the new rappers popping up, what makes
Playaz Circle stand out amongst the others? Dolla Boy feels “It’s because we don’t try to be like anybody else or follow the pattern of nobody else. We just bring ourselves. We rap about real life situations. There’s no other Dolla or Tit in the industry.”
Any songs on Supply and Demand for the ladies?  “I think a lot of the ladies [will] get down with ‘You Can’t Believe It’ and [we’ve] got a song featuring Bobby Valentino on the album that the ladies are going to love,” Dolla Boy responds.  As far as music for the masses, look for Supply and Demand to be something most heads will relate to. Dolla Boy states, “We got a lot of different types of music on the album, so everybody should find something on there they likeWe worked with Three 6 Mafia, Jazze Pha,  Ice Drake, DJ Toomp, Mannie, Heatmakers…

Dolla Boy leaves these words of advice to anyone interested in getting in the rap game.  “If you want to do this, you definitely have to have patience. Nothing is going to happen overnight. You will have to put in some hard work. Believe in what you do. Believe in God first of all.”

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Shelia M Goss is a freelance writer and the Essence Magazine Best Selling author of "My Invisible Husband" and "Roses are Thorns, Violets are True." Find out more about Shelia at and

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