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Interview by entertainment writer Shelia M. Goss


Bohagon – the newest rapper from Lil Jon’s camp - is quickly gaining momentum on the charts with his latest single “Wuz Up.” 


Named after his uncle - “Since we acted alike, talked alike and looked alike, everybody started calling me Bohagon after my uncle” -  Bohagon's career is rooted in his family.  A poet herself, his mom introduced him to the art although he admits to not being the type to do spoken word. “I used to write my poems and keep it to myself. My partners knew I wrote them.  My poetry comes across in my music.”

While you probably won’t catch him in a dimly lit lounge, Bohagon is no stranger to the stage.  He had the pleasure of learning from one of the greats on the Anger Management tour. Bohagon describes the experience as “Amazing.”  “We did about 52 shows and there were no less than fifteen thousand people at each one.”  Besides traveling the states, he experienced a little of the outback. “We went to Australia and did a tour over there for about two to three weeks. I even saw a few kangaroos,” he jokes.

A native of TalbottonGa (an hour and half south of Atlanta), Bohagon doesn’t mind being called a southern boy. However, don't look to Bo to bring the signature "crunk" sound. He
 is quick to point out that he’s bringing much more than that to the table.  “Crunk music is a side of me. My music is like ghetto poetry. You can’t call it club music…Can’t call it just one thing…It’s like soul music, but it’s me rapping.”


His latest CD comes out this summer - just in time to give hip-hop heads a little something to ride to.  Originally titled Georgia Durt, Bohagon changed the name in a strategic move.  “The new album is called ‘Sundays at the Bootleggers.’ Georgia Durt was the name of my own label. So that people won’t get it confused, I decided to just let Georgia Durt be my record company and my movement.”

Besides Lil Jon, Bohagon worked with a variety of producers. ”I got a beat by
Bangladesh…[A] couple of beats by Drum Squad…I got a bunch of cats on there.” Collectively, listeners can expect more than your average ten songs. “We’re trying to narrow the songs down. [You] can expect anywhere from 18 to 21 songs. I’m going to give people their money’s worth,” Bohagon says about his new CD.  He goes on to assure, “I’m not like any other artist. Bohagon got his own lane that he travels…I don’t try to slide over and get in anybody else’s lane. At the same time [no one] else sounds like me. My album is going to be something different--a breath of fresh air for the game.”

To learn more about  Bohagon, visit: or


Shelia M Goss is a freelance writer and the Essence Magazine Best Selling author of "My Invisible Husband" and "Roses are Thorns, Violets are True." Find out more about Shelia at and

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