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CORY WIRES (7:49 pm 08/02/11)
At 7 years-old, Cory Wires began making music. Today, following success as half of the R&B/Pop duo Playback, which also featured his twin brother, Daryl, Cory has stepped out with his debut single, “Lost In The Music."
CUPID (12:39 pm 03/01/11)
You can definitely name his tune as soon as the beat drops. People run to the dancefloor, line up in a perfect block and start going to the right almost on cue. It’s the Cupid Shuffle. Well, it’s finally time to meet the man behind the biggest line dance.
NICOYE BANKS (11:46 am 24/12/10)
Fourteen years ago, a very talented brother decided to do something that so many other talented people do--move to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. [Cue Jay-Z & Alicia Keys] Not everyone gets to live their happily ever after, but Nicoye Banks was one of the lucky ones.
MOVIE REVIEW: UNSTOPPABLE (9:25 pm 19/12/10)
The success of Unstoppable is based on its simplicity.
NEW TALENT: SHARICE STYLES (8:11 am 30/11/10)
Singer, songwriter, performer, recording artist — there are many pieces that make up Sharice Styles. They all come together on her debut album, appropriately titled Pieces To The Puzzle
By all means “The Social Network" shouldn’t work. Packed with verbose scenes, the movie is centered around computers, nerdy kids and dark sparse dorm rooms. Yet not only does it work, but it holds all the feel of a suspense film.
MOVIE REVIEW: THE TOWN (3:16 am 27/09/10)
Boston drama The Town may stick to convention, but it's ability to bring audience members right to the edge of suspence keeps it entertaining.
MOVIE REVIEW: TAKERS (3:15 am 27/09/10)
Takers is where a B-movie bank heist meets Sex and the City with all of its glitz, fashion and swag brought on by dare I say – it’s ultra sexy cast.
HAS KANYE BEEN FORGIVEN? (10:32 pm 13/09/10)
Has Kanye been forgiven? His performance Sunday night on MTV's Video Music Awards may have started with a few boos, but when he left the stage after his performance of “Runaway,” chants of "Kanye, Kanye" rang loud.
SHARICE STYLES (4:34 am 30/08/10)
Set to be R&B’s next phenomenon, SHARICE STYLES, is quickly winning over industry executives, music veterans and respected music critics. It is her intention to make the rest of society stand up and reach her world (she is 6 feet tall) and pay attention to her upcoming debut single, “Pull The Plug.”
POLE FITNESS (4:36 am 11/08/10)
So you need to get in shape, but you’re not really into the tradition cardio routine. Ever heard of Pole Fitness? Gone are the archaic thoughts of it being just an “adult” activity. Pole Fitness is not only the combination of strength and endurance training, but it’s a growing sport.
TNJ HONORS MAYA AZUCENA (8:44 pm 16/06/10)
Network Journal (, the New York tri-state premier magazine for black professionals, corporate executives, and small business owners announces that Maya Azucena, humanitarian artist and entrepreneur, is to be honored at the 13th Annual "40 Under Forty" Achievement Awards Dinner.
Typically, my biggest complaint about Tyler Perry’s films is the acting abilities of the cast or even more troubling, the overall cohesiveness of the plot. While his original “Why Did I Get Married?” miraculously corrected this Achilles heel, the second installment seems to have taken a back-stop and whoops ….there goes that plot.
RIHANNA: THE RELEASE (12:34 pm 04/12/09)
For those who think the Chrihanna saga killed the career of Rihanna, there are some people who haven’t given up on this diva.
MOVIE REVIEW: THIS IS IT (7:06 am 02/11/09)
While it may not be the definitive concert film (or the insightful backstage look) some will hope for, Michael Jackson's “This Is It” packs more than enough entertainment value to live up to its ambitious title.
WAS CARTER RIGHT? (7:31 am 17/09/09)
Finally, a white man reveals what African-Americans have known for years. Yes Virginia, racism does exist.
After all the hoopla, President Obama finally gave his publically protested address to America’s children.
INDIGO (7:09 am 20/07/09)
They say the Lord works in mysterious ways and that’s exactly the testimony of new gospel singer Indigo.
A HOMEGOING FIT FOR A KING (7:24 am 08/07/09)
What the world thought was to be gaudy, circus-like, chaotic turned out to be a classy, tasteful and fitting homegoing for a “King.”
MICHAEL JACKSON MEMORIAL (10:39 am 07/07/09)
After a very unexpected passing, the memorial of Michael Jackson will take place at the Staples Center on Tuesday. The event will be a star-studded affair, with singers Mariah Carey, Usher and Stevie Wonder among the participants, according to an announcement released on behalf of the Jackson family.






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