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CUT CASTRO (8:14 pm 11/01/11)
There are so many people out there that swear their musical talents should launch them into the limelight. But there’s not many out there with the talent and determination to make sure the limelight touches their face. Cut Castro is one of those people with that golden combination to get him where he deserves to be. And to think it all started with his interest in girls.
APOLLO THE GREAT (9:22 pm 03/01/11)
Opening for hip-hop heavyweights Joell Ortiz and Freeway and he’s only 21…That’s simply talent that can’t be denied. His lyrics speak true life and his energy is contagious. Apollo The Great started rapping a few short years ago and already his career has blossomed on print, on stage and on speakers in that short time.
CUPID (8:10 pm 03/01/11)
You can definitely name his tune as soon as the beat drops. People run to the dancefloor, line up in a perfect block and start going to the right almost on cue. It’s the Cupid Shuffle. Well, it’s finally time to meet the man behind the biggest line dance.
BEST OF 2010 (8:09 pm 03/01/11)
Chronic has selected the best of the bunch as its graduation class. These artists have gone beyond the musical call of duty and excelled in a spectrum of ventures despite the obstacles they face.
LIL ZANE (2:53 pm 23/12/10)
He was gone for a minute, now he’s back with new singles and a new attitude.
They say sleep is the cousin of death so it’s a good thing Termanology and Statik Selektah don’t indulge in resting.
P WATTS (2:45 pm 23/12/10)
From fan to star, P. Watts’ journey is enviable. He proudly possesses all the right qualities to take his career to the next level. And with that in mind, we’re patiently awaiting his debut mixtape, hosted by DJ Burn One--The Element of Surprise.
AUDIO PUSH (2:44 pm 23/12/10)
Audio Push have been called the forerunners of jerk, but there’s so much more to them than one style of music.
K-BETA (2:41 pm 23/12/10)
With his debut album Inglorious Beta on the shelves as we speak, K-Beta hopes to give listeners that don’t follow the DMV hip hop scene a chance to hear his progression as an artist & as a man.
HUEY (4:01 am 27/09/10)
One hit wonders are all over the music industry making hits, taking hits and leaving the game--sometimes for good, other times for a good comeback. Resiliency is a quality that all artists need to possess, just ask Huey.
ESSO (4:03 am 27/09/10)
Between indie mixtapes, Myspace spins and blogger recognition, there is no real need for a deal these days. Just ask Harlem rapper, Esso. He’s been in this game for almost seven years and his work ethic is unmatched--giving us seven full projects to see the scope of who this man is.
2 LIVE CREW (4:03 am 27/09/10)
With songs like, “Me So Horny,” “We Want Some Pussy,” and “Hoochie Mama,” a group like 2 Live Crew has been impossible to forget.
RHYMEFEST (4:08 am 27/09/10)
As a youngster, Rhymefest didn’t seem the type that would end up anywhere positive. He wasn’t mixed up into drugs, hustling or anything that any other young, black Chicago male easily get themselves tangled up into. He was just depressed. Not really knowing or understanding why, Rhymefest just wanted to be in a place where nothing could touch him, so he created his own private sanctuary, turned prison--his bedroom.
HOMEBOY SANDMAN (4:09 am 27/09/10)
There once was one teacher that saw the deterioration of our young people and decided to do something about it. He didn’t create bold new lesson plans or plan super cool field days, he became an emcee. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Homeboy Sandman was born.
J. WRIGHT (4:10 am 27/09/10)
Rappers that pull their strongest influences from artists like Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye and Barry White seem to bring an element of surprise to their lyrics--true life, love and soul. Iowa born and bred J. Wright is one of those rappers—but wait, he doesn’t want to be called a rapper.
WILLIE TAYLOR: SEXTAPE (4:12 am 27/09/10)
Yes ladies & gentlemen, Day 26’s Willie Taylor is a certified sexy symbol!
STAT QUO (4:14 am 27/09/10)
Stat Quo was always sure of his Plan A to be a hip hop artist & hasn’t had the need to go to his Plan B, even when dealing with label drama with Shady/Aftermath.
OLIVIA (4:05 am 27/09/10)
She first hit the scene at the ripe age of 18, singing about how she’s about to “Bizzounce.” Olivia was making certifiable hits when most other young girls were thinking about what color to wear to prom. Unfortunately, the music industry is all about politics and because of that, she faded into obscurity, only to reemerge two years later as the first lady of G Unit.
MANY MORE (6:49 am 28/12/05)
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