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Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce have all done it. Now, Halle Berry is getting in the fragrance game.


“It’s my second baby!”, the new mom said in a statement about he latest gig. .


She’s teamed up with Coty to create her own signature perfume called “Halle by Halle Berry.”


“Because my name is really on it, it was really important that it be something that I chose that I love…and it was a special time in my life to do something like this,” she added.


Halle, who mixed scents in her bathroom for years, has been very involved in the two-year process to create a fragrance which incorporates some of her favorite scents…mimosa and fig.


"I want women to feel that their partners, that special person, thinks they smell beautiful, thinks that it's simple enough that they can ingest it all day, every day. That's what Gabriel (Halle’s model boyfriend) said. He said it smells like that - he better be right!"


The fragrance collection will be available next spring and Halle hopes it will be around a long time, much like Elizabeth Taylor’s fragrances have had staying power.


“Her perfume is still selling today, not that I’m putting myself in the same category as her by any means, but I would really love it if you know 20 years from now, there was still a bottle of this somewhere that somebody could buy and that somebody actually still wanted to buy it,” Halle told us. “That would make me really, really happy.”

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