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INDIGO: inDI 1st Project...Breakthrough


They say the Lord works in mysterious ways and that’s exactly the testimony of new gospel singer Indigo. 


Born Jocelyn Saunders, Indigo entered the music world while in college via the R&B girls group 4BIDN. 


Though the band experienced nominal success opening for acts including Ashanti, Destiny’s Child and Musiq Soulchild, they were later dropped from label home Elektra Entertainment Group.   After 4BIDN's record deal faded, Indigo continued as a solo artist working with rapper/producer Kwame.   However, during the songwriting process, Jocelyn started to change gears realizing the secular music industry was full of harsh politics she made a decision to leave the industry behind.


In 2006 Indigo joined About My Father’s Business Outreach Ministries in Washington DC where she rededicated her life to Christ.  With a renewed spirit, Indigo slowly realized that God did in fact want her to use her gift of voice.  He wanted her to use it on his terms for the advancement of his kingdom.  Enter The inDI 1st Project….Breakthrough, Indigo’s latest album.    


Breakthrough starts out strong with “Search My Heart.”  Also the first single, “Search My Heart” sets the tone of the album and finds Indigo desiring to be in the likeness of God:


“Lord search my heart and find anything not of you

Take it away because I don’t need it

I just want to do your will.”


Set to a hip-hop ridden beat, “Search My Heart” appeals to both gospel and secular sectors alike.  Other standouts include “Real” which follows suit and reminds listeners there’s no substitute for God’s love:


“Real is the when you got the joy of Jesus

And can’t nobody take it away

And when he wraps his tender arms around you

It’s all good you wanna stay all day”


“Saved & Fly” tells it all in the title.  Who says you can’t be fly when you’re saved.  


“It’s okay to look good for the Lord, But you got to know Jesus”


You can’t help but bounce your head when you hear this. 


Finallly “Love Like This” reminds listeners of God’s unconditional love:


“Even when I try to pull away and do my own thing

His grace and mercy lets me come back around

No he don’t be stressing me and he don’t be pressing

He just keeps on blessing me in spite of all of my flaws.”


The inDI 1st Project…Breakthrough breaks the mold of traditional gospel and instead meets young listeners where they are using fresh melodies and beats.  Still, what stays the same is the message that Jesus is the savior.


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