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What are the makings of a sex symbol? Maybe itís having ďHim DownstairsĒ tatted on your stomach, ďWarriorĒ on your neck & ďKing of the JungleĒ on your armóall permanent testaments of confidence & sex appeal. Then of course, thereís the ability to stand out as the shirtless wonder in a sexy group of five crooners, all receiving the high-pitched squeals of their crying fans, but his are just a little louder. Or maybe itís studio skills that bring out tunes so hot, while listening, I had to clutch my pearls. Yes ladies & gentlemen, Day 26ís Willie Taylor is a certified sexy symbol! Heís proved to us that heís certainly got the chops to make the ladies moist, now heís proving he can also write the sultry lyrics he sings. No, Day 26 isnít breaking up, even though theyíre down a member. They actually plan on putting another album out this year. Willie just wanted to exercise more of his talents & make them a little more apparent. He started his own label, Noivak Music & has released his own sensual mixtape, Sex Tape on Valentineís Day. Offering us straight bedroom music from start to finish, Willieís first solo effort scorches headphones & speakers everywhere. Itís all about the music for this man & he takes a lot of his cues from Diddy. With his label, he hopes to allow other people the opportunity for a successful music career, just the way Diddy offered him one. His heart is in the right place & so is his sound. Day 26 is already a musical force to be reckoned with & now, so is Willieóstanding on his own.

-Danielle Young



Iím excited about your new mixtape that you just released. Why name it Sex Tape?

Iím a really freaky individual. [laughs] I had a couple of records when I was an unsigned artistóďKing of the Jungle,Ē ďSweatĒ and things like that. I took those records and finished them and felt like naming it Sex Tape. It just so happened that the holiday coming up around it was Valentineís Day. My mission was to show the world myself as a writer. The world doesnít know me as a writer. On the show, you saw me as an artist. I feel like if you donít know me, then youíre not going to know that stuff. I want to show the fans, labels, publishing companiesóall of themóthe type of artist I am. I am a force to be reckoned with when it comes to that studio work.


We did get to kinda see the way you work as an artist through the show. But I guess by being in a group, there was no room for individual attention for being a breakout starÖ

It wasnít even meant to be a breakout situation or anything like that. The things they showed were like, ok, do this, but then go work with the producers rather than it being like us going in there & doing what we do. We didnít get that chance. We do it all, as far as writing, production and music. So this was the perfect time to let yíall know.


For those who havenít downloaded your completely FREE mixtape yet, what can they expect to hear on it?

Wooooweeee! [laughs] Some of the best bedroom music you have ever heard. I just went in as far as topics go. Itís straight lovemaking music from start to finish. Youíre going to turn it on & just be that way.


Do you feel R&B is oversexed these days?

No. You have other songs. Itís not all about sex. Some records are about love. Thatís what R&B isóitís more heartfelt music. One thing R&B does own is the bedroom, period. Itís hard to bring Rock, Pop & Country into the bedroom. With R&B, we hold it down. Thatís why you hear a lot of sex in it.


Is it hard to keep you husband & father life going through all the fame?

Itís different. Thereís a lot of girls out here that try to throw me the drawers on a daily basis. For me, once you attempt to throw me the draws, I already have them, in my mind. I donít need to touch you really. Iím on another level right now. Iíve been young before & all that stuff could have took me underódead.


Do people assume youíre a manwhore based on the subject matter of your music?

Yeah. My thing is, I would rather people get to know me as a person than just the character & the music & making an assumption about that. I do music. I donít only make bedroom music. I make that because I like to do it, itís fun & I like to play with topics. At the end of the day, Iíve written a whole bunch of inspirational songs, love songs, heartbreakóIíve got a song called ďLifesaverĒ that would probably make the whole world cry. Iím deep with words & I donít want people to get too caught up into it. I did Sex Tape because I wanted to show everybody a side where I could take one title & make 12 songs about the same common denominator & take it everywhere. I have songs like, ďThrough the Mattress,Ē ďTaste You,Ē ďKing of the Jungle,Ē ďKnock it Out the Parkóď thereís a lot of wordplay. It will spark up a lot of bedrooms & keep it exciting.


So youíre not signed to Bad Boy anymoreóis your relationship with Diddy still good?

Diddyís going to always be a big mentor, a part of Day 26sí albums & the whole nine yards. His business had to move over to Interscope, which was about business. Youíve got to move where youíve got to move & at the time, we signed with Atlantic. We love it. Weíve always been on Atlantic, so thereís no big difference, just under the umbrella by ourselves now.


What do you preferóbeing in a group or solo? How do you balance the two?

Being in Day 26 is off the chain. I enjoy being with those very talented guysótheyíre all the way around, talented. Even Que, we wish him the best. Iíd never leave my group. I care about them, their familiesóIím not a selfish person. As far as being in the studio by myself, itís my creative juice. Itís just me being me. At the end of the day, I prefer either one. Itís not like I look at one from being bigger than the other. If you ask me, five or six albums in & we split up, Iím still going to be doing music because I canít stop. Iím not looking to retire at all.


How do you guys feel about the situation you found yourself in with Que?

Itís very unfortunate. Of course we didnít want that to happen. It came to a point where we just couldnít see eye to eye & in any businessóweíre all partnersóif itís going to jeopardize the business, then we have to make a business decision. Itís nothing personal at all. It doesnít take away from how great he is as an artist or anything he has coming up in the future, but it was just certain things we couldnít deal with, he couldnít deal with & we couldnít mend them.


Do you think youíll eventually make a move to a solo career?

Most definitelyómaybe five or six albums in. Who knows? Iím not going to retire. Who says the rest of the members donít want to do a couple solo albums & then reel it back in? It depends on what weíre doing. Iíd love to do something under my own imprint, thatíd be great.


Youíve got your own labelóNoivak Music. What made you decide to go that route?

Iíve been in this game for a minute, even before yíall got to see me on making the band. I been stiffed in so many contracts & I want to make it happen to a point where itís not about being selfish. Iím at a blessed place in my life & I want to help other people get there without taking a majority of their money or rights. Iím not at a point in my life where I want to be the richest man in the world. If I can help a million people get to a certain place in their lives, Iíll be that stool they can stand on to grab their dreams. Thatís what made do the label. My dreams are so big & thatís why the mixtape was so big. A lot of people didnít know if it was a mixtape or an album. I shot a videoóitís all self-funded too because I feel like scared money donít make money, for sure. I went all out with it. I did my thing with the video & commercials because I wanted everybody to trust the brand. Say, I bring a new artist out & I have a new label. You donít know the label or the artist, so 9 times out of 10, youíre going to look right past it. But, if I brand a label with my faceóa familiar faceóyou keep seeing my face & brand, then youíll trust the brand because the videos & commercials are decent. After Iím done with the mixtape & everything, Iíll bring the next artist up & theyíll be able to trust the brand because they remember it.


Smart! Seems like you have it all figured outÖ

Iíve been working.


From the outside looking in, people probably think, ďHeís already made his dream real, so why is he being greedy trying to have a label & solo career.Ē Do you think people feel thatís more negative than ambitious?

At the end of the day, I always feel like you come into life with a lot of dreams. I know I wanted to be a singer, actor, modelóa lot of things I wanted to do. So, when I reach one, do I stop or keep going? If you get to a certain point in your life & youíre always going to keep going, unless youíre willing to stop. Nothing I do is meant to be negative, ever. I donít have a negative heart. I will do for people before I expect them to do for me. I lose out a lot because of my heart. I understand what God has in my heart & what Iím here for. Iím cool with it. When people throw negative stuff at me, I understand the game Iím in & why they want to make those assumptions. Time is showing me things.


What are you currently working on with Noivak?

I just signed an R&B act by the name of Elliot Trench. I signed a rap artist by the name of Miracle. Iím just working on their albums right now, trying to keep it moving & take them through the same type of challenges I put myself through, as far as the mixtape is concerned. I just want to keep it moving man. I actually have a deal with an open mic here in Chicago. Iíve been in open mics in New York, L.A. & all that, so I just brought the open mic situation to Chicago. What Iím going to do is broadcast live from my Ustream channel because I get a lot of hits on my Ustream. I want people to see not only me, but that talent I have in my city. Iím banking on releasing an artist to a major label from the open mic. Iíve just got big plans for my city. Itís not about me, itís about making everything else bigger.


You sound like a mini Diddy in the making. [laughs]

[laughs] Yeah, he better watch out! He is definitely someone that motivates me. Iíve been around him & Iíve seen his work schedule & his long daysóhe donít stop. Itís real.  Even in music, heís humble. It inspires you because he works harder than a lot of people that donít have deals or a dollar. He works hard. At the end of the day, I look at that & know Iíve got to keep moving. Because of him, I donít sleep. I try to keep the label moving, Iím up, doing these interviews, working out, I have showsóthereís a lot going on, but I have to keep moving.


You donít run out of time for your commitment with Day 26?

Never. None of this stuff comes before Day 26. All this stuff is because of Day26. I will never forget that. Up until now, youíve only seen me miss one show. Iíve been at every studio session & never missed a practice or anything. It will continue to be that way. If I have something going on & Day 26 has something going on, then mine will be cancelled & I will end up going with my guys. I have to make sure that never falls apart.


I know youíve written a lot of songs for a lot of R&B artistsóGinuwine, Avant, Joeóis there anyone youíd love to work with that you havenít?

Actually, Usher. Iíd love to do a record for him. I put a few songs out there, so weíll see.


Thatís cool. This was totally a fantasy question and youíve already put in the work to make that a reality.

I donít ever stop. Iíve been writing records for Elliot & other industry artists. Iím just trying to keep it moving man. Iím living the life Iíve always wanted to live.


I feel a lot of people are after the money, but you actually have a passion for the music. Itís refreshing to hear.

I appreciate that. Thereís definitely a passion & a drive. I love music. As a youngster, my mom used to always say, ďDonít put all your eggs in one basket,Ē which is a true statement. No one should ever do that, but thatís what I did. I had everything in music. Itís all I knew. You can give me any type of office job & I probably wouldnít be good at it, at that time. Music, I was going to get Ďem! Itís all I knew. God showed me favor in allowing me to see what type of success he allowed me see & where he would take me. I didnít know anything else. Someone asked what would I be doing if I werenít singing. I probably wouldnít even be here.


Is there anything you want to add?

Thanks to everyone for downloading the mixtape on If you havenít yet, itís still available for free. Check it out, let me know your feedback. You can hit me on .


Yes ladies & gentlemen, Willie wants to hear your feedback & will definitely tweet you back!



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