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8.10.10 ---  So you need to get in shape, but you’re not really into the tradition cardio routine.  Ever heard of Pole Fitness?  Gone are the archaic thoughts of it being just an “adult” activity.  Pole Fitness is not only the combination of strength and endurance training, but it’s a growing sport. 


The First Annual American Pole Fitness Championship will be held on October 23rd, 2010, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the prominent Grand Ballroom Theater at the Manhattan Center (311 West 34th Street-between 8th & 9th Ave) in the heart of New York City.


Olympic Gold Medalist, Maurice Greene has been tapped to co-host and the event’s Mistress of Ceremonies, New York’s very own Mona Cooper. Red Carpet door opens at 5 p.m. with the Best Dressed of the evening to be awarded an exclusive cover page by the event’s sponsor publication, POLE SPIN MAGAZINE. Fashion Model turned singer/songwriter/ entrepreneur, Tinu Naija, organizer for the event is also the Founder of American Pole Fitness Association, (APFA), an association established to educate and promote the art and sport of pole fitness in the United States and abroad.


The event tapped an international panel of preeminent judges, who are experts in the pole fitness industry that includes KT COATES, THE VALENTINO BROTHERS, PRANA, ALLEGRA and Guinness Word Record Holder , DOMINIC “Flag Man” LACASSE. APFA is the first of its kind to offer free services and open its doors to the public. APFA is working towards achieving broad demographic and national recognition for pole fitness as a mainstream sport, focusing attentions on the physical skills, gravity-defying technical abilities, poise, grace and elegance of performers of both genders. Currently, there is a movement to have the sport included in the 2012 Olympic Summer Games.

The American Pole Fitness Championships will include both male and female competitors and will feature the nation’s best pole fitness performers demonstrating their jaw dropping, gravity defying skills, physically tasking performances from the nation’s best. Men & women will compete for the coveted historical AMERICAN POLE FITNESS CHAMPION title in their respective genders. Also to be awarded are APFA’S trademarked title “Pole Artist of The Year” and “Pole Athlete of the Year”, both awarded to any gender categories.


An array of international top acts are expected to perform including the 2-time Guinness World Record holder Dominic Lacasse and other top secret surprises to be revealed at the championships. As part of APFA's ongoing effort to help educate the nation and beyond about the art of pole fitness as a respectable form of sport, it will help organize workshops with the winners who will be more than willing to teach you some of their trademarked pole moves. Male and female winners of the championships will be on hand for a meet and greet session and to teach some of their trademark pole moves at several of the planned workshops scheduled to take place October 25, 2010 in New York City. This is a chance for pole enthusiast to learn from the best in pole fitness. Details for that will be posted on APFA’s website by mid August so sign up on their newsletter for updates on that.

The APFA is the brainchild of fashion model turned Singer-Songwriter/Entrepreneur Tinu Naija. Tinu holds a degree in Finance and Marketing from the NYU, Stern School of Business. Tinu, with trained eyes for art and passion for the sport, has plans to publish Pole Spin Magazine, the first international glossy print magazine for the industry by late September 2010.


Some of the prominent proud sponsors of the championship include; The Pole Dance Shop who will be providing the official clothing line for the competitors, Lil Mynx generously gifting poles to APFA, championship runner ups, all title & subtitle holders, and Mighty Grip as the official pole grip product of choice for the championships. Other sponsors who have come aboard are: THE HOUSE, MOKSHA, MARGI ART, POLEOGRAPHY, EDC DANCE STUDIO and TINU SHOEBAG TO DATE

Tickets are now available for purchase on the American Pole Fitness website...

For more information, visit,

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