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8.29.10 ---  Set to be R&B’s next phenomenon, SHARICE STYLES, is quickly winning over industry executives, music veterans and respected music critics. It is her intention to make the rest of society stand up and reach her world (she is 6 feet tall) and pay attention to her upcoming debut single, “Pull The Plug.”


Sharice, a multifaceted New Yorker raised in Yonkers is not only a singer, but songwriter with an electrical visual presence not seen in the marketplace in a while.


Like many of music’s success stories, Sharice’s love for music started in the church where she saw her father, Carl Davis a member of the renown and multiple Grammy Award winning Dixie Hummingbirds, perform all over the world. Always known as the girl with the “big” voice, Sharice continued singing and performing in Yonkers, New York. This garnered much exposure and eventually led to a deal with Sony Records which she subsequently walked away from choosing to perfect her craft instead.  And perfected her craft she did.  Today, that talent and songwriting skills will be displayed on her forthcoming 2011 debut CD.


With a strong music management team in place, Sharice feels that she is now ready to really pursue her dream.


For a “sneak preview” of SHARICE STYLES, please visit:


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