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PIMP C: The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones


A true head can’t think of the southern hip-hop and not think of Pimp C.  He along with UGK partner Bun B created a raw sound that can’t be duplicated.  Three years ago, the world wasn’t ready for his untimely death. Fresh out of jail, what we were ready for was a new album.  Now it seems he can be added to the list of those artists who have gone on to release posthumous projects – Notorious B.I.G. Tupac, Big Pun, Big L with The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones.  Unfortunately, Pimp didn’t get a chance to finish the project before his passing.  Luckily Rap-A-Lot president J. Prince ensured the material recorded saw the light of day along with help from Bun B, E-40, Too Short, Drake, Chamillionaire, Rick Ross, Slim Thug, Webbie and Lil Boosie.


The album starts out with "Down 4 Mine" which finds Pimp in a monologue explaining that The Naked Soul is his first album unlike his pieced together projects created while he was incarcerated. 


The first single to be released is the Boi-l da produced "What Up," featuring Bun B and the “honorary reside of UGK town,” Drake.  Where they cool?  Just a question.


The bragadocious “Love 2 Ball” featuring Chamillionaire – who by the way brings it - and Bun B follows. 


Other standouts include the misogynistic “Made 4” and “Dickies” that we’ve come to know Pimp for:


“Your gal love me she can’t leave my d*ck alone

Cause she’s a carnivore,,,

Take the leash off the sheets cause she’s a real live ….


Overall, this is a solid album.  It brings what we know Pimp C for – raw, showy lyrics.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It’s no masterpiece, but it’s no drop in the pan.  True fans should find some sense of closure. 


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