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KANYE WEST: My Beautiful Twisted Fantasy


No one’s been a masochist to their career quite like Kanye West.  What took years for him to build almost came to an end with just a quick mic snatch from America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift.  It didn’t help that the President called him a jackass.   To say the odds were against him would be an understatement.  It was no question that his fifth album - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – would be a public indication of his acceptance.  Would he pass?


One word – yes.  With virtually no marketing and the world against him, Ye landed his fourth number 1 hit selling 496,000 copies.  And if that weren’t enough Rolling Stone named it the album of the year.


It isn’t his superior lyrical skills though that make this album stellar.  It’s the fact that he’s completely embraced his flaws, mistakes, doubts. His lack of filter and public meltdowns have become what makes his music so captivating.


On “Runaway,” this becomes clear as he proposes a toast to all the douchebags and a*sholes: “Let's have a toast for the douchebags … Let's have a toast for the scumbags,” he sings, before advising, “Run away as fast as you can.”


“Blame Game” follows suit in a brutally honest relationship depiction:


“And you aint finna see a mogul get emotional
Every time I hear bout other n-gga’s stroking you
Might say I hit you
He sitting there consoling you
Threw the money, threw the mud
Who’s provoking you”


And just like the real McCoy, Ye abandon’s his humbleness and caves in to his ego on “Power,” the lead single.  Laced with a tribal fanfare, “Power” helps make the album and returns the Ye we know:


“At the end of day, goddammit, I’m killin’ this sh-t
I know damn well y’all feelin’ this sh-t
I don’t need yo’ p-ssy, bitch, I’m on my own d-ck
I ain’t gotta power trip, who you goin’ home with?”

On Twisted Fantasy, Kanye bears it all and really challenges rap to the next level.   


Nov 2010

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