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If you’re like me winter is not my favorite season of the year.  Outside of the snow, it’s really dark and drab to me. 


The days are shorter and night seems to be the constant time of day.  On those days when the sun is out, that time is spent working, running errands.  It’s made getting dressed uninspiring.  Nothing at all like spring and summer where my choices seem endless – partly because on average those summer clothes run cheaper. 

Ahhhh….bright colors, light materials….it seems a distant memory…..or not. 


Why not put some pep in your winter step by pairing some of your favorite summer pieces with winter?


Women can throw on a thin-strapped dress or top over a long-sleeved shirt.  Men can do the same.  Those Ed Hardy t-shirts are far too expensive to sit on the shelf for half the year.  Layer them over a thermal. 


Better yet, pair a blazer with your favorite T or strapless/ spaghetti-strapped top or dress.  


Men don’t try this – but for women, think of layering shorts over thick tights or perhaps a mini skirt with high-heeled boots.


The same thinking goes with outwear.  Like most people, I have the standard black/ grey coats.  It’s no secret coats are typically expense so many of us stray away for bright colors  that may seem out of place on a daily basis.  However, how many of us look with envy when we see someone bold enough to make that purchase.  Well it doesn’t have to be so taboo. 


Keep an eye out for sales.  Old Navy recently had “bubble” coats for just $15.  For $15, I – with no regret – picked up a lime green coat. 

So on the days when I feel gloomy, that bright green coat just gives me a little boost - that and a caramel frappuccino, decaf of course!   


Dec 2010

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