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"Counting the days and still smiling."  --Lil Wayne on his stint in jail


Not even eight months in prison could keep Weezy down. His album I Am Not a Human Being debuted at #2 on the Billboard albums chart based on digital sales alone.


The rapper went on a long “vacation” in March of this year after he struck a plea deal in his case stemming from a 2007 gun arrest near the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan.  The rapper and his entourage were leaving his first headline performance in the Big Apple when police pulled over his tour bus. The New York Police Department alleged that the odor of marijuana was coming from the vehicle and later searched the bus. Authorities discovered drugs and a gun, registered in Wayne's manager's name, near the rapper.

In New York, gun laws prohibit people without proper registration from being within operating capacity of a firearm. As a result, Weezy was charged with gun possession and eventually pleaded guilty to attempted gun possession.


Despite the fact that he's been behind bars for most of the year, Lil Wayne has kept in touch with his fans. While Weezy did his best to keep the world updated about his prison experience through his various letters, which were posted on his blog site, here are some tidbits you might have missed.

1. Lil Wayne's last request before leaving Rikers? Extra jelly for his breakfast.

 2. Weezy was working the suicide-watch circuit before being sent to solitary confinement. His job was to patrol the other prisoners and alert guards if any of the inmates seemed in danger of committing self-harm.

3. Lil Wayne has expressed that the tremendous amount of fan mail he received while in prison helped get him through the experience. It was a hassle for the mail staff at Riker's
Island though that had to go through every piece of inmate mail to ensure there are no drugs or other contraband being sent in. So if you sent Weezy a little extra something to help him through the rough times, chances are he didn't get it.


After his November release, Wayne performed his first show in New York City. The performance, which was for Carson Daly's New Years Eve Special, found Wayne joined by Nicki Minaj and Cory Gunz.


Despite his freedom, that doesn't mean Wayne will be totally free and clear in 2011. There's still the matter of his sentence in Arizona stemming from a January 22, 2008, arrest near a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint in which authorities claimed they found cocaine, Ecstasy and a handgun on Weezy's tour bus.


While Wayne was in Rikers, a plea deal was also reached in that case in which the MC was sentenced to three years of unsupervised probation, community service and no jail time. That deal had Wayne plead guilty to one count of possession of a dangerous drug in exchange for the dismissal of three other drug and weapons charges.


"Even though it's treated as a felony while he's on probation, if he completes his probation without any violations, the offense will be redesignated as a misdemeanor," Wayne's Arizona attorney, James Tilson, told reporters.

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