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THE 2010 GRADUATING CLASS (2:49 am 29/12/10)
It’s that time again. And Chronic has selected the best of the bunch as its graduation class. These artists have gone beyond the musical call of duty and excelled in a spectrum of ventures despite the obstacles they face. Don’t like the results? Holla back at Click “MORE” to read the class superlatives.
VALEDICTORIAN: KANYE WEST (2:34 am 29/12/10)
"I do think I changed a lot. I do think that I'm more compassionate, I'm more sensitive to people's emotions. I'm just understanding that it's not about me, it's not about just what my opinion is all the time — especially when it's someone else's show.” --Kanye West on maturing
DRAKE (3:58 am 29/12/10)
"I'm ready." --Drake on fame
EMINEM (2:31 am 29/12/10)
"I never thought that my life would amount to this. But to be able to sit back and digest it is so strange to me, because I still feel so regular. I don't understand what people think the big deal is about me. It's a very strange relationship that I have with fame." --Eminem on fame
NICKI MINAJ (2:21 am 29/12/10)
“I demand perfection from everyone around me and if you can't live up to that, then bye-bye." --Nicki Minaj on work ethic
JAY-Z (12:34 pm 03/01/11)
"The first 'Blueprint' was the soul samples I grew up on, my blueprint. Then 'The Blueprint 2' was me searching for all the different types of music I like. But I ain't have a reason to do the third one, so I didn't do it for a while. But it was just fitting right now where I am in my career for me to set the 'Blueprint' for my next journey." --Jay-Z on the Blueprint 3
T.I. (12:34 pm 03/01/11)
"I need help. For me, my mother, my kids, I need the court to give me mercy." --T.I. on receiving help for drug abuse
LIL WAYNE (12:34 pm 03/01/11)
"Counting the days and still smiling." --Lil Wayne on his stint in jail
RICK ROSS (12:33 pm 03/01/11)
“If you really have an issue, put it on the table and handle it like a G." -- Rick Ross on Young Jeezy
HONORABLE MENTION: RIHANNA (12:33 pm 03/01/11)
"Trends are boring." –Rihanna on being a trend setter






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