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1.13.11  --- Rapper Rhymefest landed his first victory as a budding politician Monday (January 11th), when officials cleared him to run for Alderman of the 20th Ward, in Chicago.

Recently, the rap star's eligibility to run in the February election was contested, amidst claims that he did not meet the residency requirements.

The Chicago Board of Elections has officially rejected the claim to remove Rhymefest off the ballot, clearing the way for him to run for Alderman.

"After all my opponents have attempted to do in the name of politics like challenging my name on the ballot we continue overcome!" a happy Rhymefest tweeted yesterday morning (January 12th).

The rapper remained active while his eligibility was being scrutinized by the Chicago Board of Elections. In November and December, Rhymefest helped feed those in needy on the Southside of Chicago.

Additionally, he launched the reading program "CPR" to encourage reading in the city and recently hosted the Chicago Urban Education forum with a variety of intellectuals, including Dr. Cornel West.

The current Alderman of the 20th Ward, Willie B. Cochran took a swipe at Rhymefest during an interview with the Chicago-Times in November of 2011.

"The voters of the 20th Ward know the difference between a professional public administrator who's been doing an outstanding job for them . . . as opposed to someone who is a known hip-hop artist who degrades women and promotes violence in his videos," Cochran said.

Rhymefest will host an official kick off event this Saturday (January 15th) in

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