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New York Daily News reports that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, found one person he definitely wanted to de-friend.


Zuckerberg obtained a restraining order against a 31-year-old man who he claimed threatened himself, his sister Randi and his girlfriend.


A judge ordered Pradeep Manukona to stay at least 300 yards away from the three pending a hearing later this month, reported.


The website cited legal papers filed by Zuckerberg that claimed Manukonda tried to "follow, surveil, and contact Mr. Zuckerberg using language threatening his personal safety.”


Manukonda, according to the website, went far beyond poking the Harvard drop-out on Facebook.  He reportedly went to Facebook offices in California to ask Zuckerberg for money to help his family and sent flowers with a handwritten letter to Zuckeberg in January.


Security also nabbed Manukonda at Zuckerberg's home, but let him go with a warning, according to TMZ.


The supposedly cash-strapped man also sent rambling Facebook messages to Mark and Randi asking for money.

"Dear Randi please respond, before its get too late ... I am sorry to bother you, which is not at all concern to you ... everysecond is precious to me ... please understand the urgency and do the needful thing ... please do respond I really need your help ... my dear sister Thanks (sic)" he wrote in one posted on the website.

According to a recent search, it does not appear that Manukonda still has a profile on the social networking site.


Feb. 2011


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