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At 7 years-old, Cory Wires began making music.  Today, following success as half of the R&B/Pop duo Playback, which also featured his twin brother, Daryl, Cory has stepped out with his debut single, ďLost In The Music (featuring MDoubleU),Ē in advance of his upcoming  solo album on Bronx Bridge Entertainment, Inc./Fontana/ Universal, which he wrote, sang and co-produced.


Cory Wires recently discussed his sound and vision for 2011.


Who are your greatest musical influences?


Growing up, it was New Kids On the Block and Michael Jackson. To this day, I still listen to his music. His repertoire is endless and so is his talent. From the production to the songwriting, his albums can still compete with todayís market. His music never gets old, and very few people have accomplished that.


Youíve had some challenging experiences with your studios. Can you tell us about that?


I am building my own facility after two house fires and two floods and losing my studio a couple of times. The second fire devastated me. The two fires were six months apart. The studio was together again for three weeks before the second fire, and it took six months just to get it back up and running. The flood came first, and a year later, the first fire. Both were accidental. The first fire started with a candle, and the second flood came after the second fire. When people hear about it, they say, ďI canít believe youíre still doing music.Ē But why would I stop? It was a two- or three-year setback to get going, and each time, something else happened and it was back to square one. Go figure that my studio flooded after we put sub-pumps in and they failed. You try to do everything to prevent a disaster, and it still happens. The studio was in my home all four times, so I lost equipment and recordings.


Youíre going for a more adult sound with your new album. Is that a challenge when your success has been with a younger audience?


I donít feel itís a challenge because Iím being myself. My target audience is mainstream, and even if it seems like a more adult sound, my audience ranges from 12-year-old new fans to 24-year-olds in clubs. It varies all over, and a lot of different people like the music I do. Iíve had a wide response to my music, and it shocked me because I did not expect it. You never know what to expect or what people are going to think.


What should longtime fans and new listeners know about Cory Wires?


This is a personal album that comes from only me. I will be able to show what Iím about and who I am as a person, as well as my creativity. It will definitely be very connected to what I feel and write about, the happy times in my life in general, and I think it will reach more fans. I would like to see it grow and impact more people who love music. The best thing would be to tour worldwide and take the music to a bigger audience.


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